Our Story

Everything has a beginning and an end.

Right now we’re between those two points.

So how did we get here?

The “man behind the curtain,” Brandon Richardson, is an independent filmmaker and actor… and quite a quirky fellow, to boot. From a young age he’s been fascinated by technology, as well as the arts. What better to do with those passions than combine them? With that logic, Brandon has been dabbling in filmmaking from a very young age (it’s been reported his first film was a documentary entitled, “From Inside the Womb: A Journey”). As he grew, so did his passion for digital media. But Brandon’s desire was not just to make a living out of his skills and interests, but to change the world at the same time. That’s why we’ve made it our focus to meet our customer’s expectations–and leave them wholly satisfied–over any other outcome (yes, that includes our bottom-line).

You’ll find that we often take time to work on projects for our community or friends/family (everyone wants to be a star, right?) at the expense of business. That’s because, at the end of the day, there are more important things in life than the almightly dollar. In fact, all of us here at Rise Up Productions are a part of this (dare I say) family, because we want to see our ideas and dreams come to life. Naturally, that means doing other things (namely: paid projects!) to keep the lights on, but as soon as we get a chance we’ll be running off to write, film, edit, or watch another homegrown creation of ours.

Hopefully, as you get to know more about us, you’ll be infected with the passion that we feel and be motivated to work with us in one way or another. We can always use more good people, so whatever it is you have in mind: don’t be afraid to reach out to us!

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from everywhere: things we like, things we don’t like; dreams, imagination, grandpas, etc.

At times, we struggle between (1) staying in-touch with and on top of every current event, media, technology, etc. to keep our minds working and (2) staying away from everything that society produces in order to create thoughts/ideas devoid of outside influence (at least, as much as possible). Thus, our inspiration is everything and nothing.

No doubt you’re thinking: that’s a difficult state to be in! Well, you’re right, so thanks for thinking that. Otherwise, we’d just be rambling on here… Anyway, the point is, we want to be relevant, but we don’t want to be generic. All too often, “relevant” topics get beaten to death…which quickly leads to them not being relevant anymore. So we at Rise Up walk a fine line between staying original and keeping up with the times.

If you haven’t figured out yet, as much as it is possible, we like be funny. We like humor. Of course, in certain settings it’s difficult to make a joke out of what’s going on, but in our personal projects (the Fluffy trilogy, for example) we like to cut loose a little bit and try to make people laugh. Admittedly, sometimes you cringe instead, but it’s better than nothing, right? So, we try to keep ourselves open to any source of humor around us. Whether it’s a new movie, that thing our Grandma said to us that probably would have been better left unsaid, or awkward situations we find ourselves in at our (real) jobs…we do our best to bottle it all up to pour back out into our work. Between being old grumps all the time, or happy-go-lucky yahoos, we figure it’ll probably be more enjoyable in the end (for everyone) to be the latter. If you don’t agree, well…then you must be the prior!

Our Gear

Coming soon (just because it’s a lot to type!)…