PeruseLab Kickstarter Video

PeruseLab is a cloud-based chemical informatics system that provides a comprehensive suite of tools to advance the learning, research, and discovery efforts of chemists and chemistry-based businesses. Our hope is to provide global access to a rich source of chemical information and analytics, while facilitating collaboration and communication within the scientific community. We believe that the world’s most significant scientific and technological advancements are a result of people having access to the tools and resources needed to explore their world and contribute to it.

PeruseLab was founded by Dr. Velusamy K. Velu in June 2014 to employ recent advances in information technology to make the process of discovering and sharing chemical information quicker and more efficient. With a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology –Roorkee and research experience with computer applications in chemistry, he began a career in computer science where he gained over twenty-five years of experience as a software developer. Dr. Velu draws on this combination of experience and expertise to build PeruseLab.

We were delighted to partner with PeruseLab to produce this awesome Kickstarter campaign video along with a few other supplemental videos/recording for their campaign.