Agent W

So this video is from Father’s Day 2013. Yeah, we’re a little late… Don’t worry, though! Mr. Dad got it in time, we were just a behind putting it here on the website. Couple of disclaimers: this is the latest “Father’s Day” video that the Richardson family produced for their awesome Padre, so that means it’s chock full of inside jokes and personal references. Thus, you may not “get it” or think it’s funny, and that’s okay; it wasn’t meant for you (with all due respect!). Also, it was a “family” production (broken record), which means we’re not the greatest actors and some of the family members helped with filming, so things may be a little shaky or blurry in places, and for that: we’re sorry. Bottom line: try to cut loose and enjoy, and see just how crazy and fun family can be! See you on the flip side…and don’t forget to tell your Dad you love him.